Grimsby Folk Club

September 2018

9th: Reg Meuross
Reg Meuross Reg Meuross doesn’t regard himself as any sort of traddie – and yet he can command a front cover and an interview in a magazine like The Living Tradition. Perhaps, as he hints in that recent article, he has been building a tradition of his own. After all, the idea of crafting your own songs and taking them on the road is one that goes a long way back. That, in a nutshell, is what Meuross does; he is one of those artistes who has always been there, on the fringes of the scene, doing what he does.
Reg Meuross' Web Site

16th: Spotlight Night
Spotlight Another evening of our local folk club members and those from the wider acoustic music scene.
featuring: Chris Moss, David Swan, Paul Lucas & Alan Young, The John Ward Trio. (Not running order)

23rd: Club Night
Singers, Musicians, poets and story tellers come and perform or just come and appreciate.

30th: Na-Mara
Na-Mara "Na-Mara brings together talented English singer songwriter and guitarist Paul McNamara and wonderful mandolin player Rob Garcia” "They write “fantastic songs and the stories grab you from the start” and may be put on the list of enjoyable English duos such as veteran Knightley and Beer or young Cadie and Bloomer.”
Their aim is to bring new material to folk audiences. To this end, they perform mostly (with lots of good choruses of course): Our own songs written in traditional style on contemporary and historical topics; our own English translations of traditional songs from Brittany, France and Quebec; and jig and reel sets from the Spanish Celtic regions of Asturias and Galicia.
Na-Mara's Web Site