Grimsby Folk Club

January 2020

5th: Sing in the New Year
your chance, to sing play or recite poetry, to kick off the new season 2020.

12th: Spotlight Night (£2.00)
Spotlight Night Another evening of our local folk club members and those from the wider acoustic music scene.
Derek Waudby, Ian Mather, Matt Jones, Paul Bellamy and Lynn Hayes. (Not running order) (not running order)

19th: Club Night. (£1.50)
Singers, Musicians, Poets, Story Tellers, People enjoying club perfomers all welcome

26th: Hut People
Pete & Sue Coe An Infectious Blend of Folk Music from Around the World
Welcome return of Sam Pirt Accordionist and singer Gary Hammond percussionist, formally with "The Beautiful South".
This is high-octane feel - good music from a very likeable duo who have the ability to get the whole audience involved and loving it – before the end of the first tune!

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