Grimsby Folk Club

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14th Sept Vin Garbutt
21st Sept Brian Peters
28th Sept Allan Taylor

5th Oct Singers & Musicians night
12th Oct Alan & Carole Prior
19th Oct Steve Turner
26th Oct Singers & Musicians

2nd Nov Merlins Keep
9th Nov Harvey Andrews
16th Nov Singers & Musicians featuring John Conolly's CD Launch
23rd Nov Tom Bliss
30th Nov Paul Bellamy & Lynn Haynes

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4th Jan Pete Morton
11th Jan Clubs 45th Birthday party
18thJan Bill Whaley & Dave Fletcher
25th Jan The Hut People
1st Feb John Kelley
15th Feb Pete Castle
22nd Feb Brian Dawson
1st March Pete Smith
15th MarchKeith Kendrick & Sylvia Needham
22nd March Robin Garside
29th March Tich Frier
19th April Steve Tilson
26th April Donal O'Connor
10th May Derek Gifford
17th May Mick Ryan & Paul Downes
24th Closed for Spring Bank Holiday
7th June Dave Burland’s Web Site
14th Lester Simpson
21st Singers & Musicians
28th June Martyn Wyndham-Read
5th July Liam Robinson
12th Singers & Musicians
19th July John Conolly & Bill Meek
26th July Closed for Summer Holidays
20th September Notts Alliance Web Site
27th September Jeff Warner Web Site
4th October Megon's Web Site
11th October Barron Brady's Web Site
18th October Singers & Musicians
25th October Paul Dickinson
1st November Ben Sands' Web Site
8th November Skyhook's Web Site
15th Quicksilver's Web Site
22nd November Strawhead's Web Site
28th November Hannah James & Sam Sweeney's Web Site
6th December Singers & Musicians
13th December Les Barker's Web Site
20th December Carol Singing in the Bar
Closed until January 2010

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10th Anna Shannon's Web Site
17th Singers & Musicians
24th Jez Lowe's Web Site
31st Better late than Naked's Web Site

February 2010
7th Sara Gray & Kieron Means' Web Site
14th Singers & Musicians
21st Pete Coe's Web Site
28th Johnny Handle's Web Site

March 2010
7th Singers & Musicians
14th Bandersnatch's Web Site
21st Edwina Hayes' Web Site
28th Roaring Forties's Web Site

April 2010
8th Closed for Easter
11th Singer & musicians
18th Ewan McLennan
25th Ray Padgett

May 2010
2nd Closed for Bank Holiday
9th Andy Clarke
16th Special Will Kaufman presents Woody Guthrie - "HARD TIMES AND HARD TRAVELLIN’"
23rd Singers & Musicians
30th Closed for Spring Bank Holiday

June 2010
6th Danny Spooner
13th Workshy Profits
20th Gordon Tyrall
27th Singers & Musicians

July 2010
4th Harrity (Big Band)
11th David & Issy Emeney & Kate Riaz
18th Mike Silver
25th Closed for Summer Holidays until 12th September.

September 2010 12th Katriona Gilmore & Jamie Roberts
19th Trio Threlfall
26th Singers & Musicians.

October 2010 3rd Hissyfit with David Swann
10th John Conolly
17th Singers & Musicians 24th Bill Whaley & Dave Fletcher
31st Mary Humphreys and Anahata

November 2010
7th Singers & Musicians
14th Lester Simpson
21st Wendy Arrowsmith
28th Singers & Musicians

December 2010
5th Closed
12th Keith Donnelly
19th Club Closed - "Singing Carols in the Bar" At the "Number One" at Cleethorpes Railway Station.

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9th Locals Showcase
16th Pete Morton
23rd Club Night 30th Rob Van Sante & Alan Reid's

6th Jessica & Richard Arrowsmith
13th Club Night
20th Ian Bruce
27th Ray Hearne

6th Club Night
13th Dave & Julie Evardson
20th INFO (So named because their original name, In No Particular Order
         caused havoc on folk festival concert line-ups)
27th Club Night

3rd Club Night
10th Grace Note
17th John Kirkpatrick
24th Closed for Easter

1st Closed for Bank Holiday
8th Shanty Jack
15th Club Night
22nd Len Graham
29th Closed for Spring Bank Holiday

5th Tom Napper and Ciarán Boyle
12th Club Night
19th Maggie Boyle and Gordon Tyrrall
26th Club Night

3rd Vicki Swan & Jonny Dyer's Web Site
10th Special Club Night ("Song Stretch" A celebration of the life & works of Keith Marsden & Peter Bellamy)
17th Winter Wilson's Web Site
24th Closed for Summer

11th Tom McConville & David Newey
18th Club Night
25th Pete & Sue Coe

2nd Club Night
9th Benny Gallagher's Web Site
16th Brian Dawson
25rd Club Night

6th Club Night
13th Steve Turner
20th Martyn Wyndham-Read
27th Unlocking the Collections: "The Humber and the Tees"

4th Kieran Goss' Web Site
11th Showcase Party Night
18th Singing Carols in a Bar ("No: 1 Refreshment" at Cleethorpes Railway Station.)
25th Closed until January 8th 2012

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January 2012
8th: Steve Tilson
15th: Club Night
22nd: Joe Topping
29th: Club Night (also featuring "Gone to the Dogs")

February 2012
The Davenport
12th: Club Night
The Roaring Forties
26th: Club Night

March 2012
4th: Club Night
11th: "Rural Lincolnshire" an evening with Loretta Rivett & Paul Dickinson
Ruth Price
25th: Thornbridge trio

April 2012
1st: Club Night
8th: Closed for Easter
15th: Club Night
22nd: Vin Garbutt

May 2012
6th: Closed for Bank Holiday
13th: Club Night
20th: Brian Peter
27th Club Night

June 2012
3rd: Closed. Queen’s Jubilee Bank Holiday week end.
10th: Notts Alliance
17th: Club Night
24th: Les Barker

July 2012
1st: Club Night
8th: Wendy Arrowsmith
15th: Club Night
Closed for the Summer Holidays. Re-open September 9th.

September 2012

9th Bill Whaley & Dave Fletcher
16th Louise Jordan's Web Site
23rd: Sorry No club this evening. Venue not available
30th: Anthony John Clarke's Web Site

October 2012

7th: Club Night
14th: Hissyfit's Web Site
21st: Club Night
28th: Belinda O'Hooley & Heidi Tidlow

November 2012

4th: Club Night
11th: Nick Dow
18th: Club Night
25th: David Newey

2nd: Club Night
9th: Ewan McLennan
16th: Club Party Night

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January 2013
13th: Fake Thackray's Web Site
20th: Club Night
27th: Sarah Matthews & Doug Eunson's Web Site

February 2013
3rd: Club Night
10th: Brian Dawson
17th: "Dylan" Club Night
24th: Mary Humphrey & Anahata's Web Site

March 2013
3rd: Sara Gray's Web Site
10th: Pete Morton & Roger Wilson's Web Site
17th: Club Night
24th: Club Night

April 2013
7th: Club Night
14th: Archie Fisher's Web Site
21st: Club Night
28th: DickTracey's Web Site

May 2013
5th: Closed for Bank Holiday
12th: Club Night
19th: Scolds Bridle
26th: Club closed Spring Bank Holiday

June 2013
2nd: Tom & Barbara Brown
9th: Club Night
Munro, O'Callaghan & Titchener
Bob Fox
30th: Club Night

July 2013
7th: INPO
14th: Club Night
Martyn Wyndam-Read
28th: July and August Closed for the Summer Holidays

September 2013
8th: John Conolly and Rob Van Sante 15th:
The Hut People
22nd: Club Night
Mike Nicholson

October 2013
6th: Club Night
Anna Shannon
20th: Club Night
Jed Grimes

November 2013
3rd: Club Night
Nick Dow
17th: Club Night
24th: Dana & Susan Robinson
29th: Hannah James & Sam Sweeney

December 2013
1st: Club Night
8th: Showcase Party Night

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January 2014
5th: Club Night
12th: Beggers Bridge
19th: 19th: Club Night 26th: "Clubs 50th Birthday Party" Special guests John Tams & ,
Barry Coope
featuring Bill Meek & John Conolly and all our current residents.

February 2014
2nd: Liam Robinson
9th: Club Night
16th: Club Night
23rd: Steve_Turner

March 2014
2nd: Club Night
9th: Sisters Unlimted
16th: Club Night
23rd: Flossie Malavialle
30th: Club Night

April 2014
6th: Paul Downes & Maggie Boyle
13th: Thornbridge
20th: Closed for Easter
27th: Club Night

May 2014
4th: Closed for Bank Holiday
11th: Club Night
18th: Andy Clarke
25th: Club closed Spring Bank Holiday

June 2014
1st: Club Night
8th: Stanley Accrington
15th: Club Night
22nd: Charlie Roth
29th: Gordon Tyrrall

July 2014
6th: Club Night
13th: Pete Moreton
20th: Club Night
27th: The Wilson Family

September 2014
7th: Al Reid & Rob Van Sante
14th: Jenkins Ear
21st: Club Night.
28th: Club Night themed - Songs of War & Peace

October 2014

5th: Helen Bennett
12th: Club Night
19th Róisín Bán
26th: Robin Garside

November 2014

2nd: Club Night
9th: Lynne Herand & Pat Turner
16th: Bob Wood
23rd: Club Night
30th: Roger Beard & Richard Papps

December 2014

7th: Club Night
14th: Bill Whaley & Dave Fletcher
21st: Carol Singing
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January 2015
4th: Club Night
11th: No Club - Room not available
18th: INPO
25th: Club Night

1st: Shanty Jack/a>
8th: Club Night
Hicks and Goulbourn
22nd: Club Night

March 1st: Ray Hearne
8th: Club Night
15th: Ollie King
22nd: Club Night
29th: Paul Bellamy & Lynn Haynes

5th: Closed for Easter
12th: Judy Cook
19th: Club Night
26th: Stitherum

3rd: Closed for Bank Holiday
10th: Colum Sands
17th: Club Night
24th: Closed for Bank Holiday
31st: The Smugglers

7th: Geoff Turner Memorial Night
14th: Martyn Wyndham-Read
21st: Club Night
28th: Quicksilver

5th: Club Night
12th: Anna Shannon
19th: Johnny Handle & Chris Hendry

13th: Steve Ashley
20th: Club Night
27th: Wendy Arrowsmith

4th: Donal O'Connor
11th: Club Night
18th: Sunjay
25th: Club Night

1st: Sara Grey & Kieron Means
8th: Club Night
15th: Duncan McFarlane
22nd Club Night
29th: Edwina Hayes

6th: Club Night
13th: Christmas Party Night with Bernard Wrigley - "The Bolton Bullfrog"
20th: CarolSinging - Venue, The Notts

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2016 January 2016
10th: Club Night
17th: Alister Russell
24th: Winter Wilson
31st: Club Night
Febuary 7th: John Conolly
14th: Club Night
21st: Pete Coe
28th: Club Night
6th: Will Noble & John Cocking
13th: Club Night
20th:O'Hooley & Tidow
27th: Closed for Easter

3rd: Club Night
10th: Laura Smyth & Ted Kemp
17th: Joe Topping
24th: Club Night

1st: May closed for May-day holiday
8th: Club Residents
15th: Club Night

Kirsty Bromley 29th Closed for Spring Bank Holiday

June 5th: Club Night
Andy Clarke
19th: The club was CLOSED: The Residents and Regulars are performing in the "Folk Club Project"
at Beverley Folk Festival
Steve Tilston

3rd: Club Night
10th: Roger Wilson and Chris Parkinson
17th: Club closed until September.

11th: Flossie
18th: Club Night
25th: Roger Davies
This month's Artist are choosen from club members recommendations

2nd: Club Night
8th: Fake Thackray
16th: Sunjay
23rd: Club Night
30th: The Smugglers

4th: Club Night
11th: Christmas Party Night with Stanley Accington
18th: Carol Singing - The Notts

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2017 January
8th: Club Night
15th: Between the Lines
22nd: Club Night
29th: Molly Amour accompanied by Paul Gough

5th: Club Night
12th: Hicks & Goulbourn
19th: Club Night
26th: Paul Dickinson with Graham Pratt

12th: Scolds Bridle
19th Club Night
26th: Spotlight Night: Arthur Knevett, Eddie Weeks, Chris Moss, Roger Beard, Ian & Michelle (not running order)

April 2nd: Ninebarrow
9th: Spotlight Night: Dave Wagstaff, Keith Easton, Kirsty Greenfield, Mick & Si Gallant.
Suprise Spot by Louise Jordan
16th: Closed for Easter
23rd: Bill Whaley & Dave Fletcher

May 7th: Club Night
14th: Risky Business
21st: Spotlight Night: Blueberry Agenda, Matt Jones, Paul Bellamy & Lynn Haynes, The Miracle Cure, Wolf Houseman
28th Closed for Spring Bank Holiday

4th: Chris Cleverley
11th: 11th: Club Night
18th: Club CLOSED
25th: Jez Lowe

2nd: Spotlight Night: Dave Hoy, Dirty Business, Ivor Pickard, Markx Brothers, SNAK, 9th: Roisin Ban
Club closed until September

10th: Ian Bruce
17th: Spotlight Night: Amy Naylor, Ian Skelton, Ruairidh Greig, Shanty Jack, The Accidentals
24th: Pete Morton

1st: Spotlight Night: John Hampson, Rob Bywater, Sue & Abi, Tom Lane, Val & Mike Bennet.
8th: Club Night
15th: Club Night
22nd: Greg Russell & Ciaran Algar
29th: Daoiri Farrell

5th: Club Night
12th: Cathryn Craig & Brian Willoughby
19th: Spotlight Night
26th: Tom Lewis

3rd: Club Night
10th: Christmas Party Night
24th & 31st Closed for your own celebrations

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2018 2018

7th: Club Night
14th: Spotlight Night - Wolf Houseman, Dave Hoy, Sam Simmons, Derek Waudby.
21st: Winter Wilson
28th: Club Night

4th: Spotlight Night
11th: The Miles Roses
18th: 18th: Club Night
25th: Bob Fox

4th: The Club will be CLOSED this Sunday.
Due to Weather conditions Archie Fisher MBE had to CANCEL.
11th: Spotlight Night - Miracle Cure, Martin Heaton, Dave Wagstaff, Steve and Julie Wigley.
18th: Mike Silver
25th: Club Night

1st: Closed - Easter
Granny's Attic
15th: Spotlight Night
22nd: Miranda Sykes

6th: Closed May Day Bank Holiday
13th: Spotlight Night
20th: Hungrytown
27th: Closed for May Bank Holiday

3rd: Nick Dow
10th: Spotlight Night
17th: Club Night
24th: Bob Wood

1st: Spotlight Night
8th: Vikki Clayton
Closed until 9th September 2018

9th:Reg Meuross
16th: Spotlight Night
23rd: Club Night
30th: Na-Mara

7th: Lynne Heraud & Pat Turner
14th: Club Night
21st: The Dovetail Trio
28th: Spotlight Night


4th: Club Night
Jenkins Ear
Archie Fisher
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